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Take your venue into the future.

What happens when a mobile dating app and a bar team up?

You get an intuitive integration of the two most powerful channels for modern dating. Consider this - over 90% of romantic interactions, meaning exchanging numbers, going on dates, even kissing, involve either mobile dating and or nightlife. 

We are now the first dating app to recognize this connection, and do something about it. Help singles make better matches by connecting your establishment to our network, and in turn enjoy many of the benefits we offer:

Collect Unique Data

Learn about your patrons like never before with Locale.

Our intuitive platform provides organic user data in a way owners could never access before, which helps you optimize and grow your business.  

Our powerful web platform - under development - will let you seamlessly access datapoints and KPI's at your fingertips. 

Drive New Traffic

Get the attention of new customers and offer your customer base something new.

Locale is the first mobile dating app to use an integrated heat map, showing users which nightlife has the most singles. 

Leverage this powerful tool to help get your establishment on the map and connect singles!

Be an Innovator

Get on the ground floor of the next big thing in mobile dating, for free. 

We aren't charging partner venues a dime right now. Grow with us and enjoy even more benefits as our product continues to expand. 

Sign up today and enjoy dedicated consulting grade services for your establishment. 


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